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My name is Raven and I'm a returning Neo-blogger. I'm twenty-three, married to a wonderful man, a soon-to-be mother, and a Persian-Gulf War Veteran. I mainly blog about Neopets, but this is also my multi-fandom blog. ♥♥
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Probably not going to be a very good day for me. I’ve had two hours of sleep today and I’m sick. :(
Gotta go to my 32 week baby appointment. Hopefully, the doctor has decided to be nice to her patients today.

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Why was there no nature day for Australians?? Do we not live on earth or something

Maybe they looked up the nature in Australia and realised 98% of it is deadly and were like “yeah no we’re not celebrating that.”

  • 9 year old me: oh the name twinkle is taken? i better put 7 underscores and the number 8 after it


whoops! I got caught up in the crazy amount of shit I have to do for grad school and forgot I had entered my baby into the Beauty Contest.

Mind checking her out and voting?image


can yall reblog this if youre an active neoblog so i can FOLLOW YOU cause i been on this neotag thing for 2 years but took a 6 month hiatus to work on my personality and im back but all my other neotag peeps seem to be gone and i am 100% lost but at one point for like 5 days i was relevant 

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