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My name is Raven and I'm a returning Neo-blogger. I'm twenty-three, married to a wonderful man, a soon-to-be mother, and a Persian-Gulf War Veteran. I mainly blog about Neopets, but this is also my multi-fandom blog. ♥♥

The 3L trade fell through (for my UC); however, soon~ish (tomorrow or the day after) I’m trading HalfToBeSweet for an Abrabic RN (Yes, it’s a real name that’s not misspelled and that I love) + Custom.



Swear on it. Swear on your neopets. 

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Potential employer never called back. That was the closest I’ve ever come to getting a job. I knew it was too good to be true. I wish I knew what was wrong with me so I could fix it and start my life. I don’t think I’m going to last much longer like this

HR/Bosses/whomever does the hiring goes through hundreds of applications when a spot opens up. It’s redundant, tiring work and unless something really pops out about you (or another person) in their mind, they’re just going to toss the paperwork. One of the ways to stick out in the person’s mind is to call them and remind them that you put in an application and just wanted to see where it was at.

People (as in the companies) don’t tell you this, but you could call and see where your application for that particular job is at. If they tell you that you weren’t selected, you also have the option to ask what you could do/could have said/etc to make yourself better qualified for a job like that. If they’re *real* with you, then the should provide you with the information you need.


If you haven’t called them and are thinking about it, a short call will suffice once every two or three days.

At least, that’s what was recommended to me during my transition class.

I hope it helps and, chin up. :)  IF this door is closed, that doesn’t mean another one won’t open/isn’t about to open for you.

Thank you for the replies. You’ve made deciding very easy for me. :)

I decided to wait on the 3L pet.

Again, thank you both. *hugs*

I’m pretty sure that those of you who scour the PC already know this, but I’ve decided to trade the UC Mutant Meerca for a Draik.

I will be gathering/saving my neopoints for another Draik; however, I decided to go after my dreamie (which changed once I realized that I could never have that connection again-long story).

Anyway, the name of the UC is HalfToBeSweet.

I have an offer of a Draik trade + FFQ; however, I have an offer of a 3L pet + Morph + Paint (the name fits the character I’m making so freakin’ well, it’s not funny).

But there’s the thing: the owner of the 3L doesn’t have the NP to get the morph + paint yet, which isn’t the problem. The problem is, when I asked her about how long she thinks it’ll take her to save up for what I’m asking for, all she can say is that she will try her best to get everything needed this month.

My question to everyone who has the wisdom and would like to pass it on to me is this: should I wait for the 3L, even though there isn’t a guarantee with the trade OR should I take the Draik + FFQ?

*If you need the names of the Draiks for determining, message me please ‘cause I’m not broadcasting them. :)

Thanks in advance. :)

Got my answers. <3

I’ve had two hours of sleep… and I’m only very slightly tired…

Started a new ACNL game. :)

Town’s name is Eastrose and it’s fruit is the peach!

My townspeople are:
-Cally, the Squirrel
-Tabby, the Cat
-Clay, the Hamster
-Peck, the Woodpecker
-Curt, the Bear

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I miss playing Animal Crossing.

Oh? Why did you stop?

I have no idea why.
I just remember that I stopped playing…